No more humiliation

No more humiliation!

No more humiliation!

Over the years, supporters of Free Radio Caroline have endured many humiliating experiences:

At sea:

-When the transmitting ship Ross Revenge anchored in international waters of the North Sea was illegally boarded and plundered.

– When it was revealed that some of the people in charge of the station on land did everything they could to prevent a return to the airwaves, going against the faithful ones like Peter Chicago who were trying to get the station back on air.

– When the end of the station was decided by those representing the station in London, not by everyone involved.

On land:

– When the ship was seized by the English authorities.

– When the promises of a return at sea for the Ross Revenge were never kept.

– When the name of Caroline got to be associated with the renunciation and abandonment of its history and heritage, its supporters’ dignity and its own.

– When its studios became for a few hours the playground of the BBC in 2007 and 2017. The very same organisation that had tried to destroy the station numerous times.

– When its founder, Ronan O’Rahilly, was by-passed and humiliated by a group proclaiming to be the real ‘Radio Caroline’ which received a legal radio license given by the British authorities.

No more humiliation for Radio Caroline. It’s time for a new and free Radio Caroline.

The legend lives on…

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