Ronan O'Rahilly

Words from Ronan O’Rahilly


After the passing of the 1967 Marine Broadcasting Offences Act, our founder Ronan O’Rahilly became elusive and distanced himself from journalists. Interviews with him were very rare and so were television pictures.

Two of them were shown before, and after the August 1989 raid on Radio Caroline. One by French television in 1989, and the other by the BBC in 1991.


That’s the name… Radio Caroline!


Easter Saturday 1964… Ray Charles


This is Radio Caroline… we fight for freedom


When the law came in on August 14, 1967


We survived… we didn’t win, we survived


I have had some very heavy battles… the biggest one in 1970


Caroline has been an inspiration in the sense of what we have survived and we have done the impossible


I’m a believer in the individual against the system


The events of August 89… the invasion by the British and Dutch authorities of Caroline