No more humiliation: March 1996, on board the Ross Revenge, the former Radio Caroline radioship, permanently docked in England since 1991. The self-proclaimed Radio Caroline station Manager, Peter Moore, is delighted to organise a visit to the ship – shown is the transmitter room – for very special guests: Jim Murphy and his colleague from the DTI. The very same man and organisation responsible for the illegal boarding in international waters, destruction and violence against the Radio Caroline DJs and crew members on board the radioship in 1989

No more humiliation!

Over the years, supporters of Free Radio Caroline have endured many humiliating experiences:

At sea:

-When the transmitting ship Ross Revenge anchored in international waters of the North Sea was illegally boarded and plundered.

– When it was revealed that some of the people in charge of the station on land did everything they could to prevent a return to the airwaves, going against the faithful ones like Peter Chicago who were trying to get the station back on air.

– When the end of the station was decided by those representing the station in London, not by everyone involved.

On land:

– When the ship was seized by the English authorities.

– When the promises of a return at sea for the Ross Revenge were never kept.

– When the name of Caroline got to be associated with the renunciation and abandonment of its history and heritage, its supporters’ dignity and its own.

– When the UK trademark was registered behind Ronan O’Rahilly’s back in 1992 shortly after the ship was impounded in Dover harbour. The trademark registration was the final betrayal.

– When its studios became for a few hours the playground of the BBC in 2007 and 2017. The very same organisation that had tried to destroy the station numerous times.

– When its founder, Ronan O’Rahilly, was by-passed and humiliated by a group proclaiming to be the real ‘Radio Caroline’ which received a legal radio license given by the British authorities.

No more humiliation for Radio Caroline. It’s time for a new and free Radio Caroline.

The legend lives on…